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Why Choose Us?

PVC Fence Canada is your #1 source for PVC fencing. All our products are MADE IN CANADA 🍁. We supply our fence panels across Canada, and offer installation services in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions. With plenty of commercial and residential projects completed by our team, know you are in the right hands when choosing us to complete your PVC fencing project!


Our materials are of the highest quality available in the PVC fencing market.

Architecturally Structural

We provide engineering for our PVC fencing. View our downloads page!


We provide a free estimate with a quick and easy contract process if you choose to proceed.


If you choose our installation service, we send our in-house installers who are masters in their field.

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What Makes PVC Fence Canada Homeowners’ Top Choice?

Your Guide to Vinyl Fencing:

Are you considering PVC Fence Canada fencing for your property? Are you not quite sure what it is and want to learn more?

In this guide, we cover all the must-knows about PVC fence Canada products and how they can benefit you.

What Is PVC Fencing?

We will go over the numerous uses and advantages of PVC, also known as vinyl fencing, in this text. PVC fence panels are growing in popularity among Canadian property owners who want to make the best decisions for their properties.

The Benefits of PVC Fence Canada

PVC should be your first choice when looking into fencing panels for your property because of the advantages listed below.

PVC Fence Panels are Virtually Maintenance Free

PVC is the material to use if you want a fence that doesn’t need much maintenance from you. PVC Fence Toronto essentially requires no upkeep. You don’t need to spend your time cleaning it; a simple hose down will keep it clean. A PVC vinyl fence maintains its colour remarkably well, so you can also forget about routine refacing or staining.

In conclusion, selecting PVC Fence Toronto can save you money, time, and effort because it is durable and requires little upkeep.

PVC Fencing is Strong and Durable

You can put any worries about breakage to rest because PVC fencing Toronto is remarkably durable. Additionally, it is very robust and immune to the kinds of deterioration that are frequently seen in other common materials, such as rotting in wood and rust in metal. PVC Fence Toronto panels can therefore be used close to pools and water elements.

Flexibility is a Winning Feature

Part of what makes a vinyl fence so strong is its flexibility. Most fences struggle against high winds or force- but not PVC.

These fences are designed to bend but hold their shape- so they maintain their appearance and integrity and stay standing.

PVC Fence Canada Fencing is Affordable and Easy to Install

All of these advantages must be expensive and difficult to set up, right? Wrong! The construction of PVC fence Toronto is so straightforward that many Canadian property owners do it themselves. Even hiring professional installation services is much less expensive with PVC Fence Canada than with other kinds of fencing. It is affordable to purchase, and the value increases when you take into account the low maintenance expenses. PVC fence panels Toronto are long-lasting and require little maintenance, so the proprietor ultimately saves money.

Choose from Many Different Styles

When you choose PVC Fence Canada, your stylistic options are never constrained. We provide a range of PVC fencing designs, Any type of fencing you desire can be made to function with vinyl. Choose from a variety of solid colours to match the style that most attracts to you.

PVC Fence VS Wood Fence

  • Strength: A vinyl fence is up to five times stronger than a wood fence.

  • Resistance to deterioration: PVC fence Toronto is not susceptible to termites, rot, decomposition, or water absorption like a wooden fence is. Because of this, maintaining its appearance won’t require as much effort and money.

  • Lifespan: PVC fencing has a much longer lifespan than wood.

    Value: A PVC fence offers much superior value overall, even though a wood fence may occasionally be less expensive to purchase initially.

PVC Fence VS Iron Fence

  • Installation difficulty: Installing iron fencing is not difficult, but installing a PVC fence is much simpler.

    Iron privacy fences are not a fantastic option for keeping your space private and comfortable because they are uncommon and expensive. If you choose the correct style of PVC vinyl fence, you can achieve the maximum amount of privacy economically.

    Flexibility: Although iron fencing is a nice option, it lacks the same flexibility that a vinyl fence provides.

    Price: Iron fencing costs considerably more than PVC fencing and is prone to severe rusting.

A Few Possible Uses for PVC Fences

Canada home and landowners use vinyl fencing in many ways. Here are just a few suggestions to serve as inspiration.

PVC Paddocks and Livestock Enclosures

PVC is the perfect fence material for enclosures or yards with animals in them- especially horses. Because they bend while retaining their shape, PVC fence products are popular in equine facilities and farms.

PVC Pool Fences

A fence that is water-resistant but still sturdy and dependable is required around swimming pools. PVC is superior in this case.

PVC Fencing for Residential or Commercial Properties

PVC is the best option if you need to add a fence to a garden on a piece of property you own but don’t reside on and don’t want to worry about it getting damaged. For big commercial properties that want privacy fencing but are on a tight budget, PVC fencing is also perfect. Need a beautiful fence for your forever home? Contact PVC Fence Canada today!

Final Thoughts

PVC fencing checks off all the boxes for affordability, toughness, ease of upkeep, and versatility. It is made of high-quality materials that is beautiful, durable, and simple to maintain. At PVC Fence Toronto it’s also amazingly priced! Why not go for it?

Home and landowners in Canada can save time, money, and trouble by using PVC fencing. 


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